Call for proposals

The Collectif Arc-En-Ciel (CAEC) is seeking the support of a law firm or Chambers of legal practitioners. The mission of CAEC is to make the voice of the LGBT community heard in the Republic of Mauritius and to mobilize support for equal rights and opportunities for all LGBTs. We are advocating for a more equitable legal environment.


The aim of the legal support is mainly to assist CAEC regarding human rights abuses faced by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender persons.

Legal support can strengthen our civil society and bring social change in our country in a favourable legal environment. Collaboration and support of legal representatives and grassroot social advocates can provide our citizens with better understanding of their rights and support on how to use and shape the law.


For almost two years, the CAEC has been working with many international organizations. The CAEC also benefits from the technical support of Human Dignity Trust, based in United Kingdom for its advocacy work.

As part of a stronger and more impactful advocacy, we strongly believe that it is now essential to work in collaboration with a legal practitioner, law firm or Chambers of legal practitioners.

The three main legal challenges faced by LGBT persons in Mauritius are lack of legal recognition for LGBT persons, the application of section 250 of the Criminal Code and the absence of legal protection against homophobic and transphobic violences faced by people due to their sexual orientation and their gender identity.

Scope of work:

The selected legal practitioner, law firm or Chambers of legal practitioner will be required to assist and advise CAEC related issues pertaining to the following fields of law:

  • Criminal Code
  • HIV/AIDS Act
  • Equal Opportunity Act
  • Employment Rights Act
  • The Constitution of Mauritius
  • Human Rights treaties

Interested Law Firms should attach a budget to their proposal.

Example of services to consider: (non-exhaustive list)

  • Support the advocacy officer on the CAEC advocacy files
  • Attend advocacy coordination meetings
  • Provide legal assistance for individual cases referred by the CAEC
  • Provide advisory services
  • Represent the CAEC legally in case of need (eg litigation)

Qualification and competency requirements:

The legal practitioner, law firm or Chambers of legal practitioner should be able to delegate a representative (qualified, experienced barrister) who is able to assist CAEC in legal cases. Lawyers should be qualified and can work alternately in French, English and Kreol.

In addition to experience in the above-mentioned laws above, experience with working with civil society will be an advantage.

Conditions of retention:


The legal practitioner, law firm or Chambers of legal practitioner selected are expected to demonstrate the highest level of confidentiality regarding the cases and strategic plans of CAEC.

Any public statement regarding cases referred by CAEC will need to be done in consultation to avoid any negative impact on beneficiaries.

Operational requirements

Interest in human rights issues, LGBT Issues

Excellent knowledge of international human rights laws and instruments

Ability to work with different groups of persons (e.g: CAEC members, CAEC beneficiaries, etc)

Provide direct legal support to beneficiaries which have been referred by CAEC

Provide on call legal services to CAEC and its beneficiaries regarding to issues related to scope of the programme.

Mandatory attendance to at least one full-day monthly meeting managed by the CAEC Advocacy officer

Ensure reporting of cases which have been referred.

Duration of contract:

One-year basis contract (renewable)

To apply, please send your proposal to Pauline Verner ([email protected]) before October 26, 2017.